Now That I Have A NEW Home….What Do I Do Next?

There’s general maintenance that a homeowner should do every year to keep their home in the best condition possible. Here is a checklist that we give to our buyers.
1. Caulk windows and trim.
2. If your home is built with Pier and Beam Foundation inspect your crawl space for water.
3. Check Wooden Decks for Moisture.
4. Inspect and Touch Up Paint.
5. Service and Clean the HVAC System.
6. Get the Chimney Swept and Inspected.
7. Check Bathtub Caulk.
8. Periodically Run Water through Drains of Plumbing that is not Used Regularly.
9. Check the Toilet Seal.
10. Clean out the Gutters.
11. Clean Your Roof’s Valleys.
12. Switch Ceiling Fans to Run Clockwise in the Winter and Counterclockwise in the Summer.
13. Make sure to maintain the Finish on your Front Door.
14. Two or Three Times a Year put some Vinegar Ice Cubes down the Disposal.
15. Check A/C Filters
16. Clean Dryer Vent Duct
17. Clean Glass Shower Doors

If you would like more information on how to maintain your home after you buy it, just let me know. I work with a great home inspector, Blake Salcetti, the head of Texas Certified Inspections, who makes it a point to make sure our buyers and sellers have the best possible information when it comes to keeping your home in top condition.

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