More and More Buyers going Green

Green is the new gold

KW Research survey reveals the green features that matter most to buyers.

Green homes sell faster and command a higher price than traditional construction, and the demand for green homes is climbing quickly. According to a survey conducted recently by KW Research, nine out of 10 agents indicated that green homes have a higher market value than similar homes without green features.

So just what green features have the highest appeal among buyers? A double-pane or low-e window tops the following list of 17 features that fall within the category of œgreen.

Green features that buyers were looking for in their home search in the past 12 months:

Double-pane or low-e windows 39.1%
Energy-efficient appliances 36.8%
Insulation 25.7%
Heating/cooling/climate control 25.5%
Solar panels or solar powered heating or appliances 22.4%
Non-specific energy efficient or desire to keep bills low 15.1%
Tankless or other high-efficiency water heater 14.8%
Water conservation (rain barrels, low flow toilets) 9.7%
Low- or no-VOC paint 7.9%
Energy efficient and/or sustainable roofing materials 5.9%
Tech shield/radiant barriers 4.8%
Bamboo flooring 4.3%
Energy efficient lighting 3.9%
Air quality / Allergies / Asthma 3.0%
Fans 1.8%
Landscaping, xeriscape 1.0%
A home that is “off the grid” 0.5%

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