Meeting with Freddie Mac

Last Thursday evening, I had the opportunity to meet with the Manager of Loss Mitigation for Freddie Mac.   We discussed foreclosures, short sales, and how to help our clients   find REALISTIC options to avoid foreclosure.   Why is this important?   Look at the statistics below provided  by Freddie Mac:

-Nationwide, 300,000 loans are 30 days delinquent or greater.

-75,000 loans are are delinquent 90 days or greater, nationwide.

-Freddie Mac conducts over 2,000 foreclosure sales a month.

TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE….If you  know you will not be able to make your payment on your loan call your bank or give me a call.   We can go over all of your options.   There  ARE options.   I have to tell you, I could not believe all of the options individuals  have access  to, when trying avoid foreclosure.   But the KEY is to act quickly.    

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