How Can Sellers Benefit from the $8,000 first-time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit?

It may not seem that the November 30th expiration date for the $8,000 tax credit is close, but it will be here before you know it.   Buyers know this, and they are out in full force! And yes, home prices are going up!

Sellers can benefit from this anticipated demand. Actually, we are already seeing the demand.   Ask our buyers!   They will tell you that they cannot get to a listing fast enough.   If you are thinking of listing your home here are some ideas to attract first-time buyers.

  • Your home should be priced appropriately. Real estate agents will   look at comparable homes on the market, as well as ones that have recently sold.    
  • Make sure your home is well maintained and seems lived in. This will help buyers imagine themselves living in your home. A  fresh coat of paint and  decluttering is always a positive!
  • Entertain all offers, even if they seem low. Any offer is a good offer and opens the door to negotiations. I do have to say that we are seeing a big change in buyers.   There are not as many LOW offers.   This is a huge sign that home prices in our area are increasing.

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