Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a great holiday season.   My family and I spent our holiday back in Texas.   One of the new hot trends in home improvement in the South is stained concrete flooring.   It is inexpensive and very stylish.   My husband and redid the flooring in my Mother’s home with this new trend of staining.   The end result was amazing.

I have had many people approach me lately asking me about remodeling their kitchen before they sell.   It is a good idea to do some planning before you call a contractor or visit you local home improvement store.   First, you might want to begin by creating a type of “style book”.     Look through your favorite home magazines and pull out the pictures that YOU like.   Second, think about what you want to use the remodeled space for in your kitchen. Third, come up with an idea of what YOU want to spend.   Finally, decide when you want to start the project and what kind of time frame are you looking at for the completion of your kitchen project.

These tips might sound like common sense to most of you…But when you don’t know what you want or don’t have clear goals, it is much easier to get talked into having things done you don’t want or spending too much money.

Candice Skoby

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