Foreclosures On the Rise? Not So Fast….

The media has been reporting another surge in foreclosures.  

Here we go again…..Not so fast!    

We have not seen this new surge in our market.   The majority of homes that are on the market are short-sales and they are going fast.   If you are lucky enough to find a foreclosure, you need to be ready for multiple offers.   What about traditional sales?   These are homes that are not underwater.   There is a HUGE demand for these.  I am seeing traditional sells go  for 10 to 20K over short sales and foreclosures.   Our market is changing!   New homes in our area are increasing thier prices, not just a couple of thousand, but up to 20 thousand in some areas.    If we continue to see this trend through the  Fall and Winter,  this will  definatly give our sellers an advantage.  

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