Community Information for Investors, Families and Tax Payers

Last Thursday evening, I had the opportunity to meet with the Brentsville District Supervisor, Wally Covington.   Fortunately, we have done much needed work to our roads  in the area over the past 2 years.   Unfortunately, Mr. Covington expressed concerns about future budget  cuts  coming from the Governor’s office  in the future.

We spoke about future projects coming to our area.   I know this information is very valuable to my clients who are looking to the future for investments.   I also get calls about future schools to deal with overcrowding issues.   I have also included information on potential projects that will greatly effect our area.

The Arts Center that is under construction  across from George Mason is under construction.  George Mason is also in the process of acquiring more land to expand the Freedom and Aquatic Center.   They are also very interested in putting in student housing in the coming  years, and this is only the begining.      The road network in this area is going to work well with businesses, the college campus and the community.    Mr. Covington expressed that the future development of this area is slated to be modeled after  the communities you  would see in  Blacksburg or Charlottesville.      

 Here is some more information that you might find useful:

*A new  high school  is being planned  on Kettle Run.   (Projected  to open in 2011)  

*The movie theatre and other high-end restaurants are in the process of going up at Wellington and Linton Hall.   The movie theatre has been delayed due to the fact that it was bought out by another company.  

*The construction on Linton Hall and 28  should be completed by the end of the year.  

*The New Wegman’s grocery store, on 29,  is scheduled to open in November.

*A Fire Station is being planned to be built close to the Freedom and Aquatic Center.

*The REAL work on 29 and 66 is scheduled to begin on 2010.

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