Are Foreclosures Really a Good Deal

As we continue to go full speed ahead into this housing crisis.   I  still receive many questions  concerning the “deal”  foreclosed homes may or may not present to buyers.  

Just recently we  have seen a change in the buyers we work  with.   Last year at this time  all  I would hear was, show me a foreclosure…But now,  the majority of  our buyers  actually want to see pre-owned or new construction.   I have also noticed a trend with the  prices  of  pre-owned homes and new  construction.   They are becoming very  competitive with foreclosure prices.  

Now that the election is over, we will see an upswing in real estate.   Due to the fact that we  live in such a transient community, people will be moving in and moving out.   This will cause prices to go up.   Now, prices are not going to reach the peak of 5 years ago, but  there will be an increase in  demmand, and that is good news for all of us!    

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