Another SMALL Step in the RIGHT Direction

This past August filings for foreclosures did increase as compared to the same time last year.   How can this be good news?  

Reports that have come out today, say that filings have been dramatically slower than in the past few months.  

Finding relief from this real estate crisis is a step by step process.   If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know that in my opinion, their are many different factors that have led to our real estate crisis.  

The next few months will be very critical for our nation.   A new President will be  elected.  We will see how the new housing bill will effect the market. Other factors will also come into play: How will  tighter restrictions on loans effect the market?   How will  the government handle the take over of the two  biggest mortgage giants in our country?  

Only time will tell, but in my opinion we are taking the steps to put us onto the road to recovery.


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