Are You a Buyer? Here is Something to Think About….

If you are a buyer, have you ever given a thought to which title company you are planning to use? Probablly not, you might even be planning on on the seller choosing the Title company and letting the seller pay for the policy. It will save you some money….Right?

You might want to reconsider.

Below are some top reasons a Buyer Should Choose their Title Company:
1. The Buyer is the Covered Party.
2. The Buyers Lender is Covered.
3. The policy costs the same, no matter which company you choose.
4. The Buyer’s heirs are covered.
5. What if the Seller’s company fails or goes out of business?
6. What do you do if your claim is denied?
7. It can avoid lawsuits……

2012 Predictions for the Houston Housing Market

Last Wednesday, at the 2012 Houston Housing Forecast, Metrostudy President, Mike Inselmann predicted home sales and home starts to increase 10% for this year. That would mean home starts for 2011 will increase from 18,000 to 20,500 in 2012. When you look at existing homes that number would increase from 2011’s 54,000 to approximately 59,400 for 2012.