Who Wouldn’t Want A Christmas Present in Their Front Yard?

I would like to share an article with you that I’ve just completed for the Houston Chronicle…

If you are serious about selling in Houston and the surrounding areas, the holiday season can be an ideal time to have your home on the market. While most of us are focused on the events that surround the Holiday season, the house hunter that is in the market to buy a new home has other priorities. Generally speaking, people don’t go shopping for houses during this busy time of year unless they’re really serious, which is an opportunity to be at an advantage when most sellers are waiting to list their homes.
Traditionally, January is the biggest transfer month of the year. Transferees are seriously looking at homes in November and December and taking advantage of the holidays to take time off to look for their new home. Another positive of having your home listed during the holiday season is real estate inventory is traditionally low and new home buyers have fewer housing choices. The seller will have far less competition versus other times of the year. This is the time of year that sellers can really showcase their properties.
The holidays hold a certain kind of charm that is very attractive to our buyers. What time does your home look prettier than during the holidays? Having buyers see your home at its warm, appealing best, helps them to envision celebrating their own holiday traditions there in the future. You never know…you might just receive the best holiday gift of all! What seller wouldn’t want a sold sign in their yard during the holidays?
Candice Skoby is a Realtor at Keller Williams Premier Realty in Katy and can be contacted at 281-682-2555 or www.candiceskoby.com.

HAR’S Latest Report….


Average price hits an October high as increased pending sales and declining months inventory signal ongoing market stability
HOUSTON — (November 16, 2011) — The Houston real estate market has added reason to be grateful this Thanksgiving season after logging a fifth straight month of positive home sales in October. The year-over-year increase in single-family homes sales, coupled with a rise in pending sales and continued decline in months inventory, signals a market that is benefitting from a healthy absorption of housing inventory. Adding to the positive report is an average price that achieved an all-time high for an October in Houston.
According to the latest monthly data prepared by the Houston Association of REALTORS® (HAR), October sales of single-family homes rose 9.1 percent versus one year earlier. All segments of the housing market, from the sub-$80,000 to the $500,000 and above, experienced growth. On a year-to-date basis, sales were up 3.4 percent.
“The further we distance ourselves from last year’s tax credit as we analyze the local housing data, the clearer an indication we get of market performance, and the latest numbers show a healthy sales climate for an autumn in Houston,” said Carlos P. Bujosa, HAR chairman and VP at Transwestern. “As long as the Houston economy continues to strengthen with additional job growth, we can be cautiously optimistic about the state of the housing market going into the new year.”
The average price of a single-family home rose 1.1 percent from October 2010 to $208,506, the highest level for an October in Houston. The October single-family home median price—the figure at which half of the homes sold for more and half sold for less—was unchanged from the October high of $150,000 it reached in 2010.
Foreclosure property sales reported in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) increased 6.0 percent year-over-year in October. Foreclosures comprised 22.0 percent of all property sales, up slightly from the 19 to 20 percent range they have maintained since May of this year. The median price of foreclosures in October was flat at $80,600.
October sales of all property types in Houston totaled 4,815, up 8.9 percent compared to October 2010. Total dollar volume for properties sold during the month rose 10.9 percent to $962 million versus $867 million one year earlier.

First Time Home Buyers, Baby Boomers and All of the Rest!

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you know that I’m all about statistics. Did you know that over the past year the amount of first-time buyers have dropped significantly? In fact, 4 in 10 of all home sales over the past year made up the first time buyer population, which brings them to 37%. If you look at this statistic from a regional standpoint, the South and Midwest had the smallest amount of first-time buyers with 34% as compared to the Northeast with 43% and the Western Region of the U.S. coming in at 42%.

How Do You Help Buyers Buy in Such a Bad Real Estate Market?

Below is an article that I had the honor of writing for the Houston Chronicle.

I can answer that question in three words: Educate…Educate…Educate
My buyers always start out a little apprehensive, but once they see past the gloom and doom of what is being reported in today’s economy, they realize very quickly that they have an incredible opportunity they can take advantage of.
In Houston and in surrounding areas, including Katy and Richmond, you can find one of the most inclusive price spectrums imaginable when looking at residential real estate. Buyers can find homes from under $100K all the way up to multi-million dollar residences. The surrounding areas of Houston showcase gorgeous neighborhoods including Cinco Ranch, Lakes of Bella Terra, Firethorne, and the list goes on and on.
Today’s buyers are shocked when I take them out to see what is really going on in our real estate market. Homes today have all of the latest luxury and energy saving features as well as huge incentives. The financing options are discussed with my experienced team of lenders. We all sit down and talk about the loan process and which loan product will work for them and their life style. It’s unbelievable that we are seeing loan products, at fixed rates under 4%.
My job as a Realtor is to educate my buyers about the home buying process and make their home buying experience as seamless as possible. The Houston real estate market is booming. Buyers are out there and they are taking advantage of unbelievable opportunities before it’s too late.
Candice Skoby is a Realtor at Keller Williams Premier Realty in Katy and can be contacted at 281-682-2555 or www.candiceskoby.com.

Thank you to all of our Veterans!

On Veteran’s Day, we pay tribute to the men and women who have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces. We are grateful for their acts of bravery; serving selflessly and preserving our freedom.
They have truly shown the heights to which Americans can rise when asked and inspired to do so and we can all learn something from their courage.
I hope you will take a moment today to commemorate the patriots who have risked their lives to preserve our Nation, the families who support them, and the heroes who are no longer with us – especially those who are members of our precious Keller Williams family.

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