Selling During the Holidays?

During the holiday season, I frequently hear seller’s saying the holiday season is the worst time for selling.   While the pool of buyers might be slim, there are still buyers out there. Consider these positives  of keeping your home listed during the holidays:

  • Your home  isn’t going to sell if it’s not even listed. By leaving it on the market, you are likely to attract the motivated buyers who tend to house hunt during the holidays.
  • If others are taking their home off the market…which causes a reduction in inventor, and  you leave yours on, there is a greater opportunity of a buyer viewing and purchasing your home.
  • When tastefully decorated for the holidays, a home is extra inviting. During this time of year, buyers will be able to  envision their own family celebrating in the cozy environs of your home.


Rates for Mortgages have dropped substantially in direct response to our governments actions in the past week!  

30 year mortgages have taken a significant cut after the FED and the Treasury Dept. moved to free up credit for buyers.   As a direct result of these actions mortgage applications soared nationally!